My Story

Patrice Brantley has shown the world that you can overcome your childhood traumas and help others overcome their traumas with faith, joy, and empowerment.


At a young age, she personally witnessed both her mother and aunt being victims of domestic violence. From those experiences, she went on a mission to empower others to not be paralyzed by their silence. She shouts it to the rooftops for all to hear, "No more family secrets."

She regularly motivates and inspires millions of people through her weekly podcast, audiobooks, and daily living. As a Licensed Community Mental Health Therapist, Patrice is able to relate to her patients. She has the ability to get her clients to free themselves from their closets of pain and release the skeletons of their past.

Some of her power statements are:
* "Live in expectation"
* "Be inspired to be yourself"
* "Be inspired to empower someone else"

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